January 26

After waking up at 6:15 yesterday, ostensibly to head to the gym, I made toast with goat cheese and raspberry preserves…and did not go to the gym. Outside, it was clear when I woke up, but by 8:30 it had started to snow bucketfuls. There’s not much you can do with winter but embrace it, sometimes; at least, it’s a good excuse to break out the dumpling mix I’d brought back from Prague, and make roast duck with dumplings and sauerkraut (with the obligatory dark beer). That’s what we did this weekend.

Roast duck, dumplings, sauerkraut (Brian's photo)

Apparently, I can only handle winter when surrounded by as many colors as possible. Perhaps that’s why every other object in our apartment is red. And once I found the Kee’s Chocolates stand tucked inside the HSBC building at the edge of Bryant Park, I figured that a half-dozen tiny macarons in bright shades would make a good hostess gift for Thursday night’s Hollins cocktail party, during which I will likely drink copiously while the twenty or so Hollins J-term interns at UBS find Jakub a far more useful networking target than I am.

You may have noticed that there’s not much heavy lifting going on in this post. I’m afraid that is as it should be for someone returning to blogging after a long (and unproductive) absence. It’s a one-morsel-at-a-time kind of season.